Meeting 1
Travel Tracer

I am learning to represent a piece of text as a diagram. I will be successful when I can present the information from the text in a graphic organizer such as a map or a flow chart.

  1. Stanley was on the bus going to Camp Green Lake.
  2. Stanley was in Mr. Sir’s office talking about the Camp regulations. Beside him were the bus driver and guard.
  3. Stanley met his group leader, Mr Pendanski, along with the other boys from his group.
  4. Stanley was finding it hard to sleep on the cots.
  5. Stanley got weeping blisters from holding the spade whilst digging his 5’ by 5’ hole.

Meeting 2
Vocab Enricher

I am learning to widen my vocabulary. I will be successful when I can explain meanings and design activities to help my peers understand the words.

1. Compound
2. Vinyl
3. Upholstery
4. Intently
5. Presumably
6. Breakthrough
7. Pitchfork
8. Intensity
9. Fossilized
10. Barren

1. Composed of two or more parts
2. Any resin formed by polymerization of compounds containing the vinyl group or plastic made from such resins
3. The materials used to cover and cushion furniture
4. Firmly or steadfastly fixed or directed, as the eyes or mind
5. By assuming reasonably
6. A military movement or advance all the way through and beyond an enemy’s front line defence
7. A large, long-handled fork for manually lifting and pitching hay
8. The quality or condition of being tense
9. To convert into a fossil; replace organic with mineral substances in the remains of an organism
10. Not producing or incapable of producing off spring

Meeting 3
Character Tracer

L.I. I am learning to predict what a character is like based on what the author has hinted at (inference).
S.C. I will be successful when I can describe character traits using clues from the story.


Character Trait
Page no.
Thinks of others



He is teaching Zero how to read because he doesn’t go to a proper school.
When Zero dug most of his hole for him, as Zero knew he didn’t steal the trainers, he said ‘Thank You’.
He is letting Zero take all the time he wants to learn how to read.
Stanley wonders how Zero knows how to divide and add numbers so quickly, when he doesn’t know how to read and write.





Character Trait
Page no.
Anger Management

He takes out all of his anger on the boys
He used to smoke 1 pack of cigarettes a day, now he eats a sack of sunflower seeds a week.
He eats sunflower seeds in front of the boys.
He eats the seeds in front of the boys, without offering them any


I am going to ask 1 person at a time to come with me and act out a character trait, and then the rest of the group has to guess the character trait, the evidence and the page number.

Meeting 4
Literacy Analyst
L.I. I am learning how writers enhance the quality of their writing.
S.C. I will be successful when I can find a variety of examples of language features and explain the types of devices.
Type of feature (unscramble):
  • caiontfiisnorep
  • het seu fo toinitpere orf ffcete
  • het seu fo toinitpere orf ffcete
  • ptoeiaoamnomo
  • mlisie
  • unp
  • “The engine roared
  • The landlord is threatening to evict us because of the odour.”
  • “It reminded him that it was empty, empty, empty.”
  • “A loud boom of thunder echoed across the empty lake”
  • ”It was as if every once in a while, in a fit of frustration, the Warden would just pick a spot at random, and say, “What the hell, dig here”. It was like trying to guess the winning numbers in the lottery.”
  • ”But it just kept getting hotter and hotter and hotter.”
Page no and paragraph:
  • Page number 147 Paragraph 13
  • Page number 75 Paragraph 2
  • Page number 148 Paragraph 7
  • Page number 127 Paragraph 4
  • Page number 150 Paragraph 3
  • Page number 122 Paragraph 1

Definition of feature:
  • Describing objects or abstract ideas as if they have human qualities.
  • Repeating the same words, phrase or sentences for effect.
  • Repeating the same words, phrase or sentences for effect.
  • The use of words that intimidate the sound associated with the thing or addiction in question.
  • A comparison between two different things connected by ‘like’ or ‘as’.
  • A humorous use of words that involves a word or phrase that has more than 1 possible meaning.


LI I am learning to make connections from the text to things I already know.
SC I will be successful when I can relate a passage in the story to either personal or literary experience.

1. PAGE: 156
STORY: He crawled after him, and was just able to squeeze his body through the hole. He would never have fit when he first came to Camp Green Lake. He’d lost a lot of weight.
REAL LIFE: The Biggest Loser connects to this passage as you go there to lose weight to be able to do many things you weren’t able to do when you first went there.

2. PAGE: 157
STORY: He wondered if Zero had heard of bacteria. He raised the jar to his mouth and carefully took a sip.
REAL LIFE: Fear Factor and I’m A Celebrity Get Me out Of Here (UK edition) as they have to do gross things and have to eat or drink things that you wouldn’t normally eat.

3. PAGE: 179
STORY: She almost died from stomach sickness. It seems she ate some bad meat.
REAL LIFE: People can buy meat and then when they go to eat it they can get food poisoning if it is not cooked properly or it is a bad piece of meat the butcher has sold to you.

4. PAGE: 175
STORY: As he drifted into sleep, Stanley softly sang him the song that had been in his family for generations.
REAL LIFE: People could sing a song as a family song that was created and has kept being passed down the generation line. Parents could sing the song to their kids as they go to sleep.

5. PAGE: 160
STORY: “I should warn you,” Stanley said, “I’m not the luckiest guy in the world”.
REAL LIFE: People enter Lotto and they guess the numbers and they don’t get it right, so they aren’t exactly the luckiest person in the world.

Meeting 6

Stanley and Zero made it up Big Thumb. Stanley fell into a muddy gully. Then it suddenly hit him. You need water to make mud. Stanley started to dig with his hands to get to water, but then decided to go back down to find the spade he left behind when he had to carry Zero. He dug a hole which had water in it. They lived on onions they found under the ground. Stanley and Zero filled the jars and canteen with water and the sack with onions.
They started to head back to Green Lake.
Once they heard whispers they climbed into a hole each. Later when the camp had gone to sleep, they snuck out and Zero went to get food and Stanley started digging. Suddenly, Stanley hit something hard. He touched it. It was leathery. He kept digging. He pulled it out and got hold of the handle. It was a suitcase. After a few moments a bright light was in their face. It was the Warden. The next day Stanley’s lawyer came to get him from Camp Green Lake. Ms Morengo asked about Hector Zeroni. The Warden trashed his file, so she didn’t know when his release date was. Ms Morengo took Stanley and Hector home. They found out that the suitcase contained jewels.
Both boys got just just under $1million each. Stanley bought his family a new home with a lavatory for his dad and Hector hired a team of private investigators. Both boys lived happily ever after, although Ms Walker didn’t.
She had to sell the camp and it is now going to be a Girl Scout Camp.

The End!