Chapters 1-9
Meeting 1
Discussion Director

Hello and welcome to the.......... Holes Super Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week we have read chapters 1-9. We have also done some activities on them. today your work shall be presented one by one, with races, games and quizzes in between. The grand winner shall get a mysterious prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!

First Nicole the Summariser shall present her work.

Summarizer speaks.

Thank you Nicole! That was _. Now for the first race. Before it starts, I'd like you to choose a buzzer noise! Once you've decided, tell me.

Nicole: meow Jess: moooh Lucy: splash Tiffany: beep Liming: dot Rebekka: woof Samuel:buzz Hussein: bzzt

The first race is a quiz...................... put on your white hats everybody, because those questions are first. The questions shall be written on the board, and as soon as you've finished answering them all, buzz. Here are the five questions.

Q1. Why is Stanley in Camp Green Lake?
Q2. Name three of Stanley's friends' nicknames.
Q3. What happened in the 9 chapters that you think will affect what happens to Stanley the most?
Q4. Describe the yellow spotted lizard.
Q5. Why is Stanley's family cursed?

Now, let's look at the scoreboard. (read out scores).

Moving on, next up speaking, we have Samuel, who is the Plot Organizer.

Plot Organizer speaks.

Thank you Samuel, that was . Now we have questions from the Green Hat!!!!!!!! This time time is very different. I shall read the questions, which is what I shall do from now on, and the first person to buzz and answer correctly gets a point. Here are the questions.

Q1. What do you think the boys are actually digging for?
Q2. What other way of digging a hole would be easier than the way the boys are doing?
Q3. Why do you think Zero doesn't seem to have anything inside his head?
Q4. Think of away to escape Camp Green Lake and survive?
Q5. Be creative and think of another place where you can train boys who have done bad things to improve?

Now, let's look at the scoreboard. (read out scores).

Rebekka, you were the Travel Tracer this week, please present your work.

Travel Tracer speaks.

Thank you Rebekka, that was . We now have simple running race. I'm sure all over your legs are very stiff. I'd like you to do five stretches for eight counts each. The race is outside on the deck. You have to run from one end to the other and back. Now get into two groups of four, and after that, we shall have the finals.
first group........ 1, 2, 3, GO! (They run). next group............. 1,2,3, GO! (They run). Now for the finals. _ and came first and second from group 1, and and _ came first and second from group 2. You are now in the finals. 1,2,3, GO! (They run).

Now, let's look at the scoreboard. (read out scores).

Tiffany please present your work as Character Tracer.

Character Tracer speaks.

Thank you Tiffany, that was ! Let us now have a quiz for our Black Hat! This time after you've worked out the question, do 20 star jumps then buzz.

Q1. What were the consequences of not completing a hole?
Q2. Why is it bad that the boys have to dig holes?
Q3. How do you keep safe from yellow spotted lizards?
Q4. Is it bad that they have to dig holes everyday? Explain your answer.
Q5. What do you think the boys are meant to be looking for? Explain why.

Now, let's look at the scoreboard. (read out scores).

Jess, you were the Creative Connector this week, please show us your work.

Creative Connector speaks.

Thank you Jess, that was ! Now for a Yellow Hat quiz. This time, once you have finished, do 10 push ups, then buzz.

Q1. In what way do you think digging holes is good?
Q2. Why is it worth staying at Camp Green Lake?
Q3. How do you think it's good that Stanley's great-great-grandfather was cursed?
Q4. In what way do you think Stanley's benefits by his choice of going to Camp Green Lake?
Q5. How do you think it's good that Elya didn't end up marrying Myra?

Now, let's look at the scoreboard. (read out scores).

Hussein, you were this week's Literacy Wizard, please present your work.

Literacy Wizard speaks.

Thank you Hussein, that was ! We are now going to have a quiz on the Blue Hat. Once you have finished, balance on one leg with hands on your head for five seconds, then buzz.

Q1. What do you think will happen next?
Q2. How do you think Stanley digging holes will affect what he does later in the book?
Q3. In what way do you think Zero will become more involved in the book?
Q4. Do you think Stanley will break the curse? Explain why.
Q5. Out of what we have read so far, what is the main event that has happened?

Now, let's look at the scoreboard. (read out scores).

Next up, can Lucy the Literature Analyst please speak.

Literature Analyst speaks.

Thank you Lucy, that was _! Now, for our final quiz.................. The Red Hat quiz! After you have finished, I'd like you to hop five times on your left foot then sit down and buzz.

Q1. How do you think Stanley felt when no one believed that he was innocent?
Q2. How do you think Zero feels when he is picked on by everyone else?
Q3. How would you feel if you had to dig a hole out in the middle of the desert everyday?
Q4. What would you do if your family was cursed by a one-legged gypsy over a hundred years ago?
Q5. How would you feel if you had to leave your family and go to a camp that you knew nothing about?

Now, let's look at the scoreboard. (read out scores).

Now, for the lucky last presentation, Liming, please present your information as Vocabulary Enricher.

Vocabulary Enricher speaks.

Thank you Liming, that was ! Let's have a final look at the scoreboards.

Nicole: 17 Jess: 14 Lucy: 11 Tiffany: 5 Liming: 9 Rebekka: 4 Samuel: 10 Hussein: 4

And the grand winner is..... Nicole! Here is your prize, chocolate coins! Everyone gets some, for being great sports and participating. Next week we are doing chapters 10-18. Everyone's role will be changing. Thank you and good night!!!!!!!!!!