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Literacy Circles

My Pandemic Homework weeks 5 - 7


  • 21 million people died.

  • It began in Europe in may around soldiers in World War 1.

  • It spread quickly through trenches and camps.

  • Most people suffered mildly.

  • Young people were badly hit because older people built up resistance.

  • By the time the epidemic had died down in 1919 it had killed twice as many people as has been killed in World War 1.

I got the information from a book called : 100 Greatest disasters page 66 ( Reference no. 363-34 )


  • Chills

  • Fever

  • Headache

  • Aches

  • Weakness

I got my information from: A book called: World book 10, (i) encyclopedia pg:268b.

My Key Questions:

1.What caused the 1918 flu?

2.How to prevent the flu?

3.What were the symptoms?

4.What were the ads like?

5.What was the style of writing & speaking in 1918?

6.What were the layout of newspapers like in 1918?

7.What place in New Zealand was affected an in what ways?

8.How were families and businesses affected?

9.How many people were affected and in what way?

In Class we are making a news paper for home work and it is really fun!!!

Stage one
What could I do my speech about?

Rock Stars


Global warming
The Forest
Television Shows
Sponge Bob Square Pants
Cell phones
Endangered Animals
Summer holidays
Best Friends
Pocket money

School Camp

Birthday Parties
Junk food
Make up
Scrap Booking
Bad Singers
Fire Works

Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Circus
My Cat Charlie
Mc Donald’s
DVD players
School uniform
Easter Egg Hunts
The Internet

Hard Materials

Science Fair


School Trips

How I go my Kitten from the SPCA
How they help all the animals that are
left alone at a house when people just
leave the country ect.

School Camp:
All the cool activities you get to do.
You make new Friends ( and then
name them all )

Rhythmic Gymnastics:
Name all the apparatus such as
Free hand
And Ribbon
Then say all the levels then just
talk about when you started gym
or why you like it.

Hard Materials:
What I made in year 7
What I am making now ( Clock )

About how I went to Japan in the
school holidays.
What we did in Japan

My Speech

Have you ever really wanted a pet but your parents “No they are too expensive.” Well you can go to your local SPCA and get one there.
For just a small fee you will get lots of cuddles and kisses from your cat, kitten, dog, puppy, rabbit, guinea pig, BUT HANG ON!!!!! THERES MORE horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chicken there is just too many to name the variety is huge.
What type of pet would you like?
SPCA stands for the society for the protection of cruelty to animals. I different country’s they have different names such as England and Australia have the RSPCA which stands for The Royal society for the protection of cruelty to animals.
The SPCA started in 1883 it is open from 10.00 in the morning till 4.00 in the after noon. In the Auckland region the SPCA building attends to the need of over 18,000 animals per year. Its animal hospital helps thousands of cases of neglect and suffering through ignorance.
The SPCA can prosecute and fine anyone who miss treat animals. There is a shop inside the SPCA building called the village shop and it sells stuff like animals food, collars ECT. All the profits from the village shop assists the SPCA in caring for sick, injured and unwanted animals.
There are many different types of jobs at the SPCA such as….
Canine attendant
Foster Co-ordinator
Isolation Ward nurse
IT and web manager
Retail team member
Rural Team Technician
Senior Feline Technician
Vet nurse

The SPCA also has a television programme that is on to encourage young children right up to adults to look after and create a nice environment for animals. It also shows the rescues that the SPCA perform every day in order to decrease animal cruelty, and to remind student like us to look after animals.

The SPCA has a website it is is a lot of information on about how you can help animals in need of a home, How to be a good owner and lots more so what are you waiting for get on there now.

The library held a competition to make an easter egg out of paper mache and there were alot of entries and I won. I won a Easter bunny soft toy, some lollies and a tube of lip gloss.