Literacy Circles meeting 1

'I am not Esther' book



The summary of 'I am not Esther' from chapter 1-2 was about a teenage girl called Kirby.

She and her mother were living in poor circumstances. Then for some unknown reasons her mother tricked her, and her with her uncle, whom she did not know existed!

When she arrives at her uncle's house, she realizes that her new found family belonged to a religious cult. She is forced to wear ugly clothing and plait her hair into an uncomfortably tight braid. When women go outside, they must wear a scarf around their heads. The cult does not allow any T.V, radio, newspaper or mirrors.

They changed her name to Esther and believed in nothing else but their religion. The cult believed that swearing makes a person impure. This is proved when the main character swore. For hours, the whole family prayed for her in the study.

The cult was strict in their ways of behaviour. An incident occurred when Esther took the "little ones" to the park. But when she led them to play in the water, all the children got told off, but she was the one who was specifically prayed over, because she was the leader. As they were all sent to bed, Magdalene, the youngest of the family, asked Esther if she was going to die, like Miriam, an unknown character at the time.

Esther asked Uncle Caleb if she was allowed to look at her mother's luggage, but he wouldn't allow her. So she asked her cousin, Daniel, and he secretly told her the location. So that night, she quietly slid into the garage. While she was searching through her mother's things, her Uncle suddenly appeared! He coldly told her to go to bed. The next morning she was called to stay in the 'Discipline Room' for the whole day, But Magdalene didn't want her to go the room because Miriam died in there, and she thought Esther would as well.

This is the end of the summary of chapter 1 and 2 in the book 'I am not Esther'

Literacy Circles meeting 2

'I am not Esther' book

Discussion Director

There will be different coloured hats that they have to pick out of a bag.
There will be questions asked and they have to answer them.
They will have to do activities to answer them.

White Hat

Activity: puzzle and question.
1. Q: What did Miriam draw?
A: A portrait of Magdalene
2. Q: What did they wear to school?
A: Black lace-up shoes, grey trousers, grey shirts, plain white socks, pale blue knit blue shirt and a tartan kilt skirt.
3. Q: Where did they go after shopping for their uniforms and who did they see?
A: To the lake, saw Miriam.

Black Hat
Activity: balloon and questions.
1. Q: What negative atmosphere did Miriam’s arrival cause the family?
2. Q: Why wasn’t Miriam allowed to draw?
3. Q: What was bad about not having any mirrors?

Green Hat
Activity: Balloon and questions

1. Q: Think of different ways to memorise pieces text.
2. Q: Think of 3 different ways of stopping Magdalene from getting so frightened.
3. Q: Think of 3 things that can be used for seeing your reflections.

Yellow Hat
Activity: Tennis ball and questions.
1. Q: What are the benefits of going to the lake?
2. Q: What are the good points about being in the discipline room?
3. Q: What are the benefits of going to school?

Red Hat
Activity: Chinese Whisperer
1. Q: How did the family feel when Esther/Kirby recited the psalms to them?
2. Q: How did Magdalene feel when she saw Miriam?
3. Q: How was Esther/Kirby feeling when she heard footsteps coming into the study?

Blue Hat
Activity: Code Breaker
1. Q: What do you think Esther/Kirby will do next, and why?
2. Q: From what everyone has read so far, what you think will happen next in the story?