Holes by Louis Sachar

Creative Connector - Chapters 1- 9

Learning Intention: I am learning to make connections from the text to things I already know.

Success Criteria: I will be successful when I can relate a passage in the story to either personal or literary experience




Pg 5 Paragraph 2.

Camp Green Lake is a camp for bad boys.

There is a show on T.V. called Brat camp. It’s a similar concept about the camp in the book except it’s for brats!

Pg 5 Paragraph 6.

Stanley was from a poor family, he had never been to a camp before.

Children in 3rd world countries would of never been on a camp, and had the experience that we have. They are so poor, even if there was a camp in the country they wouldn’t be able to afford it, unless it’s free.

Pg 43 Paragraph 1.

Stanley stood in the shower and let the cold water poor over his hot and sore body. It was four minutes of heaven.

This reminds me of when my family went to Australia last year. Brisbane was in a drought and the grass was all dried. We were only allowed a four minute shower, on hot days which was hard.

Pg 21 Paragraph 3

Dinner was some kind of stewed meat and vegetables. The meat was brown and the vegetables had once been green.

Some of the camps I have been on haven’t had very nice food. But I don’t think the food is as bad as it’s described in this story!

Pg 46 Paragraph 6.

Dear Mom, Today was my first day at camp, and I’ve already made some friends. We’ve been out on the lake all day, so I’m pretty tired. Once I pass the swimming test, I’ll get to learn how to water-ski. I….

Children/Teenagers always say everything’s fine, when sometimes it isn’t. They just don’t want they’re Mum or Dad to worry about them!

Holes by Louis Sachar

Summariser - Chapters 10 - 18

Learning Intention: I am learning to summarise a piece of text.

Success Criteria: I will be successful when I can provide a brief summary of a part of a story.

When Stanley is sent off to camp green lake, he finds out it isn’t the camp he thought it would be. He has to dig holes all day. When Stanley finds something in his hole he rejoices because he thinks he will get a day off, but then much to his disappointment it is not good enough. X-Ray then persuades Stanley to give the next thing he finds to him. X-ray then ends up giving the warden a tube with the initials K.B on it . The warden then becomes desperate to find more of this treasure. In chapter 16 Stanley gets a reply from his parents, so he decides to write back. But he then finds Zero reading over his shoulder. Zero then confesses to Stanley that he cannot read or write. Stanley replied with a look of astonishment. Stanley gets a big knock on the head from Zig-Zag when he whacks his shovel into Stanley's head by accident causing Stanley to black out.

All this and many more exciting things happened in chapters 10 – 18.

Holes by Louis Sachar

Discussion Director - Chapters 19 - 26

Learning Intention: I am learning to generate a variety of questions on a piece of text.

Success Criteria: I will be successful when I can design a question based on the text using each thinking hat.

White Hat


Q1: What type of allergy do you think Squid has? Do you think he has one at all?
Explain your answer
Q2: Why do you think the warden got so angry with Stanley and Mr Sir for wasting her time?
Q3: Why does the warden have rattlesnake venom in her nail polish?
Q4: Do you think Zigzag purposely didn’t roll the top of the sunflower seed bag up properly so Mr sir wouldn’t find him eating them?

Black Hat


Q1: Do you think Mr Sir will keep treating Stanley in a bad way?
Q2: What were the consequences of Stanley and Mr Sir getting nail polish across their face?
Q3: Is it true that the warden got angrier with Mr Sir than Stanley? Why is that?
Q4: Why do you think Mr Sir was negative to Stanley and wouldn’t fill his canteen?

Red Hat


Q1: How do you think Stanley felt after he had visited the warden? Why?
Q2: How do you think Stanley feels about the warden?
Q3: How did Stanley feel when he dropped the bag of sunflower seeds, and why?
Q4: How do you think Zero feels, now that Stanley can teach him how to read? Explain your answer.

Blue Hat


Q1: Why do you think the holes by the cabin are closer together and are different shapes and sizes? Page 88
Q2: What has Stanley done so far to make Mr Sir think that he hasn’t stolen the sunflower seeds?
Q3: What do you think will happen next in the book?

Green Hat


Q1: What would you do? Put the dirt back into your hole or turn over the dirt to hide the sunflower seeds. Explain your answerQ
Q2: What could the warden do instead of swiping nail polish across Stanley and Mr Sir’s face?
Q3: What do you think the warden is actually looking for?
Q4: Do you think the sunflower seeds spilt before they got to Stanley or after he had dropped the bag, and why?

Yellow Hat


Q1: What was good about Stanley dropping the sunflower seeds?
Q2: What are the benefits of helping Zero to read?
Q3: What are the good points of Sam fixing the schoolhouse?

Holes by Louis Sachar

Literacy Wizard - Chapters 27 - 34

Learning Intention: I am learning to evaluate (make a judgment) on a piece of text.

Success Criteria: I will be successful when I can make judgments about what I have read and justify them.



Reasons I chose this paragraph

Pg 147 - 148
Paragraph 7 - 20


I would of never thought that Stanley would actually steal the truck, and drive it!

Pg 151
Paragraph 4-6


Because you wouldn’t expect to find an empty sunflower seed sack in the middle of the desert.

Pg 134
Paragraph 18


I think it’s quite funny how Armpit calls Mr Pendanski ’Mom’!

Pg 146
Paragraph 8


It’s important for the boys who end up at camp green lake to know that it isn’t girl scout camp and that it is hard work everyday.

Pg 127
Paragraph 2 - 4


On this page Louis Sacher describes the storm really well and you can clearly imagine it.

Holes by Louis Sachar

Literacy Wizard Chapters 34 -

Learning Intention: I am learning to

Success Criteria: I will be successful when I can